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Integrated Infrared Heating Panel

Infrared heating is a fairly recent addition to the domestic and commercial heating scene. It is emitted from the heater, which then travels unimpeded through the air until it hits an object. The object absorbs the radiation, causing molecules within it to vibrate, producing heat.

If the waves come into contact with humans, they will travel about an inch into the body providing a feeling of deep heat, but even if you are not directly in the way of the waves, any solid body will vibrate when the waves hit them, causing them to radiate heat back towards you.

Integrated Sound System

In today’s technological world, music is all around us and an integral part of our everyday lives; whether on the go, around the home or social events. Whether Spotify, I-Tunes or Amazon Music, playlists are an expression of our personalities, that’s why each pod comes with a fully integrated, high quality, bluetooth speaker system.

Our integrated sound system features universal connectivity to enable both customer and operator to seamlessly stream music to each individual pod for maximum pleasure and enjoyment.

The natural design of our units allows clear acoustics inside the pod, without producing external and unwanted noise pollution.

We supply and fit 4 LED vintage look bulbs hanging down from the central ceiling section.

An RGB ribbon light is hidden above the ceiling feature and behind the back wall- the reflection provides a stunning warm glow around the Pod sides.

Rollable Casters

Each of our pods can come with 60mm swivel casters for trouble-free movement on solid surfaces.

Open at Both Ends

Another option is to have both ends of the Pod open, this allows for unrestricted views from all angles.

Window to Rear

We can create our Pods with a perspex window to the rear wall. This is an excellent option for those wanting more natural light whilst keeping the elements out. 

Electrical Package

Each pod unit comes with a fully integrated electric safety system, that includes:

  • 16amp incoming electrical socket for easy “plug & play” hook-up
  • RCD trip & overload box (to British Standard)
  • Integrated LED strip lighting above ceiling feature
  • LED strip lighting behind rear-side panel
  • Vintage look Edison style bulbs suspended from central ceiling strip
  • 13amp integral socket with USB connector for customer adaptation (laptops, phones, notebooks etc)

All electrical packages come fully tested and certified to industry standard BS EN 50110.




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